NYPL & MaRLI: Manhattan Research Library Initiative


NYPL Wertheim Study

CUNY doc students and faculty in the humanities & social sciences may apply for scholar-only study space on the NYPL Main branch's 2nd floor.

NYPL Wertheim Study

Metro Referral Cards

NYC reference librarians may issue Metro Referral passes for one-time, on-site use of a specific, named item from any metropolitan area library catalog.

Eligibility & Registration

A current CUNY GC photo ID at any NYPL Research Library Circulation Desk authorizes automatic borrowing privileges for NYPL. Apply online for additional  MaRLI borrowing privileges @ NYU & Columbia. 

1. Obtain a current NYPL library card with a special sticker by taking a CUNY GC photo ID card with current validation sticker to one of these NYPL desks:

2. Use NYPL Classic Catalog buttons or email callaheadsasb@nypl.org to request NYPL books to pick-up and borrow. Scores and books from the LPA are eligible for loan.

3. Apply for MaRLI privileges to borrow from  NYU or Columbia. Carefully match your research interests with collection strengths. Non-PhD CUNY grads apply as "independent scholars" and note your GC program.

4. Receive e-mail approval within 5 business days with instruction

5. Pick up MaRLI cards at NYU Bobst and Columbia Butler privileges offices; bring approval email, NYPL card, and another accepted form of ID


The development of a permanent rapprochement between the Graduate School and the New York Public Library -- with a long-range commitment of public funds under an agreement that would permit the university's cooperation in the development of those NYPL policies that affect its research collections -- should be one of the Graduate School's top priorities for the near future.

  --Mina Rees. The First Ten Years of the Graduate School of the City University of New York. August 1972, p. 10.

NYPL applies state aid provided on CUNY's behalf to purchase books supporting CUNY scholarship. Mutual NYPL-CUNY collaboration has strengthened recently with NYPL's lending program to CUNY faculty and graduate students. But, New York State and City aid to these two great public institutions has been reduced since 1998. Read more about NYPL-CUNY & track NYS funding for CUNY-NYPL.