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Audio / Visual Sources

Non-text sources can add dimension and nuance to your research.  Follow the links on this page to find films, videos, newsreels, radio broadcasts, speeches, interviews, music, and other a/v materials in subscription databases and on the open web.

Resources are arranged in the following categories, with some overlap when resources contain materials in multiple formats:  A/V Research Guides & Catalogs, Moving Images, Music, Notable A/V Collections, Radio, Spoken Word, and Theatre. See the separate page for Oral Histories.

Also see how to Find A/V Materials in WorldCat and ArchiveGrid.

Notable A/V Collections

Catalogs & Research Guides

Consult the following research guides for additional ideas and information:

Find A/V Materials in WorldCat & ArchiveGrid

In addition to going directly to likely sources of A/V content like those listed in this guide, you can also search WorldCat Discovery and ArchiveGrid for specific audio visual titles and collections of audio visual materials in various formats, including oral history, film, video, and recorded sound.  WorldCat Discovery is a union library catalog and ArchiveGrid is a database of collection descriptions.  See details below.



Thomas's Orchestra, NYPL

Find Films - Film Studies Research Guide

The GC's Film Studies research guide is a great place to find films online in both subscription databases and on open access sites.  See the Find Films page for details.

Moving Images: Film, Video, and TV

Spoken Word