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DH Answers is a very active forum site used by DH students and scholars. If you're learning a new tool or looking for one, chances are someone else has asked a relevant question and gotten some answers. And if not — ask a question yourself! 

Mega-lists of tools

About these tools

It's all Greek to me! But using the right tools, I can see right through it.

Scan from the Archimedes Palimpsest project, which revealed two important ancient texts invisibly written in an old book

The tools listed below may be of use in digital humanities projects. A DH project could be as simple as making a site on WordPress or as complicated as writing your own software (yikes!). Either way, other people have paved the way with useful tools you can use. Don't forget to cite the tool if you publish something using it.

The tools below are organized by type:

  • Exploring text and literature
  • Text mining (advanced)
  • Using maps or GIS data
  • Building a website
  • Visualizing data

Exploring text and literature

Google ngram

Graph of Frankenstein (blue) vs. Dracula (red), from Google's ngram viewer

Text mining (advanced)


Selection of stop words 

Using maps and GIS data

Paris Exposition

Map of the Paris Exposition, 1900, from the Brooklyn Museum's Flickr

(GIS = Geographic Information Systems)

Building a website

WordPress themes

WordPress websites

Visualizing data

New Yorkers' complaints

Detail from a visualization of what New Yorkers complain about the most, by Wired. See post at Flowing Data, a great data visualization blog.

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