Fall 2021: What to know about using the Mina Rees Library.

Research Guides

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)


Apply to graduate (in CUNYfirst) for the February 2020 degree by January 14, 2020.
Deadline to complete deposit is January 28, 2020.

A capstone project may be deposited anytime; deadlines below:

For Degree Enrollment Required Deposit Required By
February 1, 2020 Preceding Fall term January 28, 2020
June 2020 (Commencement) Spring term April 30, 2020
September 30, 2019 Preceding Spring term  September 16, 2019


Students should check with their programs about submission and approval deadlines that may be required in addition to the library deadlines above.

M.A. in Liberal Studies (MALS)

The MALS Capstone Project is accompanied by a 20-page paper that details the conceptualization, methodology, and/or technology used in the project and how the project is related to the student’s track and studies. All graduating students must submit their manuscript and any supplementary files to CUNY Academic Works to be archived by the Graduate Center Library. Graduates producing capstone projects with significant online components (e.g., a website) should review the guidelines for depositing digital work and complete the digital component submission form.

Deposit Procedures

  1. Apply for graduation in CUNYfirst.
  2. Complete the digital component submission form, if applicable.
  3. Complete CUNY Graduate Center Exit Questionnaire for Graduating MA Students (voluntary).
  4. Upload final approved manuscript (the project's "white paper") and any supplementary files to CUNY Academic Works.
  5. Submit the signed original approval page to the library, in hardcopy.
  6. The library reviews uploaded documents and either approves the deposit or requests revisions. If formatting errors are present in the deposit PDF, re-submission of a corrected file is required prior to the deposit deadline. Graduates will be notified by email when their deposit has been completed and officially accepted by the library.

Format Guidelines

The format guidelines for capstone projects are the same as those required for theses and dissertations; these are available in detail on the Format tab of this guide. All manuscripts should be uploaded to CUNY Academic Works in PDF format and must include elements in the following page sequence, with close attention to the pagination requirements:

Title page (no pagination appears)
Copyright page (see sample pages below)
Approval page (uploaded without signatures; deliver signed original, in hardcopy, to the library)
Preface, Foreword, and/or Acknowledgments
Table of Contents (required)
Lists of tables, illustrations, charts, figures, diagrams (required)
Body of Text (begins with Arabic numeral 1)
Autobiographical Statement (optional)

Note: additional preliminary pages may be required for projects with significant digital components in the submission. See the library's Digital Project Documentation Guidelines below.


Every graduate of the Audiology program is required to prepare a capstone project to be preserved by the Graduate Center Library. A preliminary review meeting prior to defense is optional. See Format for Deposit guidelines for specifications about depositing in any file format, adding supplementary files, and pagination. Capstone projects are deposited in CUNY Academic Works only (not ProQuest).

Dissertation Research Librarian

Roxanne Shirazi

Room 2304
Graduate Center Library

(212) 817-7069

Step 1: Apply for Graduation

This will notify various offices at the Graduate Center, including the Library, that you plan to deposit a dissertation, thesis, or capstone project for the next degree date.

Do this at least two weeks prior to uploading your documents.

Step 2: Digital Components Form

Does your capstone include a significant digital component to be archived by the library?

If so, complete the Digital Component Submission Form well in advance of your deposit.

Step 3: Exit Surveys

Ph.D. graduates are requested to complete the survey by registering on this webpage with their GC email and then receiving a PIN and password that will be used to access the survey:


Master's graduates are requested to complete:


All surveys are voluntary and information is kept confidential.

Step 4: Upload files

View the step-by-step instructions.

Step 5: Submit Approval Page

When you've obtained all required signatures, scan a copy for your records and deliver the signed original approval page, in hardcopy, to the Dissertation Office (room 2304) on the library's 2nd floor between 9am-5pm. Email deposit@gc.cuny.edu to notify the Dissertation Office (room 2304) that the signed original approval page is en route. No appointment is necessary.

NOTE: For Psychology, the EO’s Office hand delivers the approval page to the Dissertation Librarian after processing.

The approval page may be printed on standard paper. Please ensure that the approval page includes the title and author of the manuscript; if necessary, a separate title page may be attached.

Graduates will receive notification via email when the deposit is officially completed and accepted by the library.