Research Guides

Research Metrics

This is a guide to the various metrics used to measure research impact.

Web of Science

Cited Reference Searches in Web of Science  

  • Open Web of Science and select "Cited Reference Search" from dropdown menu
  • Enter author's name, the work's source, and/or publication year for the cited work
  • Select the items for which you want to see cited references, or click "Select All"
  • "Finish Search" to retrieve results

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Citations is available at:

It has the following features:

  • Authors can track their own publications (tracking of other authors' works is only possible if they have a profile). 
  • The types of metrics utilized are a simple citation count, h-index, and i10-index.
  • Set up automatic updates to the citation metrics.
  • Manually update your profile.
  • View information on citations for other authors by doing a search for them in Google Scholar and the scholarly metrics information will be listed under the citation information.

Other citation-tracking tools

These specialized databases can supplement other cited reference searches:

  • MathSciNet  
    Search from the author search tab, search Author Profile to see a citation count for the ten most-cited works. Covers only selected publications indexed from around the year 2000.
  • PsycInfo  
    Cited References when available appear in article record, left column. Click to see times each reference cited in the PsychInfo database, beginning around the year 2000.
  • PubMed Central  
    Search by title, click on the box next to the article on the results page, click on the drop-down box near the top of the page and change it from "Display" to “Cited in PMC.”
  • ScienceDirect  
    Search by author or title. Click on the title of the work and then the "Cited by" link.