Technology in the Library

Library Technology Overview

Computers: There are many computers on the 1st floor, 2nd floor, and Concourse Level of the library.

  • Most of these computers (PCs & Macs) require a GC network login and provide access to a wide variety of software. Library visitors without a GC account can ask for a guest login at either the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk. In order to receive a guest login, visitors must provide a CUNY ID or official state-issued ID.
  • Some public (unlocked) computers are also available on the 1st floor and 2nd floor. These computers only have a web browser and basic text editor.

Wi-Fi: The Graduate Center has two wireless networks: GCcommunity (login with GC network account credentials) and GCguest (no login required). All library resources are available on the wi-fi networks.

Printing: Users with a GC network account receive free and unlimited printing. A color printer is available in the Mac Media Lab on the Library Concourse (basement) level. Printing over the wireless network is not available. Non-GC users may print for a feeSee the "Printing" box on the right for more information.

Scanners: Flatbed book scanners and a KIC bookeye (overhead) scanner are located near the reference desk on 2nd floor. Patrons may save scans to USB drives or email the file directly from the scanning workstation.

Software: See the "Software" box below.

Microform/film/fiche: Readers are available on 2nd floor near reference desk for free scanning to PDF. PDFs may be saved on a USB drive or e-mailed.

Photocopies: A color/B&W copy machine available on the 1st floor requires a prepaid copy card. Non-GC visitors may use this machine to print from a USB drive. Free scanning is available as an alternative.

Policies: See CUNY's Computer Use Policy.

Assistive Technologies

There are several assistive technologies available in the Graduate Center Library and elsewhere in the GC, including JAWS, Kurzweil 1000/3000, and Zoomtext. For full information about offerings, contact Student Affairs at or (212) 817-7400.


The following software applications are available at the GC and are set up to be used with the operating systems indicated:

  • Windows: Adobe Acrobat Prof, ArcGIS, ATLAS.ti, EViews, Firefox, Gaussian, Internet Explorer, Library Databases, LIWC, Maple, Matlab, Microsoft Office Access, Provalis, Salt, SAS, SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics), STATA, and Wolfram Mathmatica
  • Mac: Adobe Creative Suite, Firefox, Gaussian, and Microsoft Office Access
  • Linux: Firefox, Gaussian
  • Citrix environment: Adobe Acrobat Prof, ArcGIS, ATLAS.ti, Audiology Education 2, EViews, HLM, Library Databases, Maple, Matlab, Microsoft Office Access, QSR Nvivo, RightFax – Fax Util, SAS, and SPSS (IBM SPSS Statistics)

For the most up-to-date software availability, see IT's list of software.

Please Note:  Not all software applications are available in public spaces.  The following software applications are available in specified locations only: LIWC (Psychology Student Areas), Provalis (Room 5487), and Salt (Speech and Student Hearing Area).

For answers to other questions about software or information technology, consult IT’s Frequently Asked Questions or contact the IT Help Desk ( or 212-817-7300).

Need More Info?

Need more info? Consult these pages:

Other technology questions?
Contact the Reference Desk at (212) 817-7077 or by chat. Or contact the IT Help Desk at (212) 817-7300 or


Printing for GC Account Holders: 

Once you send a print job to the printer, visit and use the print-release station to release and pick up the print job. Additional printers are on the Concourse level computer lab and in department labs. Color printing is available in the Mac Media Lab on the Concourse level. Report printer problems to the IT Help Desk on the Library Concourse level, 212-817-7300 or


Printing for Guests:

Visitors to the GC Library have two ways to print. Both methods cost $0.15 per page and require a copy/print card, which can be purchased from a card vending machine near the Circulation or Reference Desk. Buy the card with a $1 bill, then re-insert the card to add more value. Cards are reusable but not transferrable to other libraries.

  • Printing to the guest printer:
    Visitors who are logged in to a library computer with a guest login (available at the Circulation and Reference Desks) may print to the guest printer on the 2nd floor (east of the fancy elevators). Report problems with the guest printer to the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor (212-817-7077 or   

  • Click <Print> in whatever application you are using. (If the print icon doesn't work, go to File > Print.)
  • When shown the printing options, select "Guest Printer" as the printer. (On a Mac, you may not be prompted to select a printer.)
  • Go the guest printer to print the print job(s). The guest printer is on the 2nd floor of the library, east of the fancy elevators.
  • Insert your copy/print card into the card reader. 
  • Click <Click Here to Print>.
  • Enter your guest username (i.e., GCGuest4) and password. 
  • Click <Proceed>.
  • A list of your print jobs will appear. Select the job(s) that you want to print. 
  • Click <Print>.​
  • Step-by-step instructions: Using the Print Release Station (PDF)