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CUNY’s library system is a federation of 31 libraries and the CUNY Central Office of Library Services (OLS), supporting the University’s 25 campuses and 100+ research centers and institutes.

Since 1939, the Library Association of the City University of New York (LACUNY) has served as the professional organization for CUNY librarians across the campuses.

LACUNY (Library Association of the City University of New York)





From the historical note to the LACUNY finding aid [PDF] for the archival collection held at City College:

The Library Association of the City Colleges of New York (LACCNY) was established by representatives form four colleges of the City Colleges of New York on March 17, 1939—Brooklyn College, City College, Hunter College, and Queens College. In the organization's earliest years it was primarily concerned with preventing the CUNY librarians from being incorporated into the Civil Service titles and to correct the salary inequalities suffered by librarians, particularly those in the rank of Library Assistant. In 1961, with the creation of The City University of New York, librarians from both senior and community college units have been members of LACUNY. Effective November 1, 1965, the old library titles and ranks of librarians, associate librarians, assistant librarian, and assistant to librarian were abolished in the bylaws of the Board of Higher Education and librarians were transferred to faculty titles and salary ranks.

From its inception, the Association was interested in advancing the professional concerns and growth of the membership, in addition to the continuing struggle which it had to wage over bread-and-butter issues. In 1956, LACUNY sponsored its first "Institute" on the topic of the Subject Division of College Library. Institutes have been held almost annually since 1968 and have come to attract a large audience from libraries in the metropolitan area. Seminars and workshops on topics of concern to LACUNY members are also held several times throughout the year. LACUNY also publishes the Urban Library Journal, an open access, refereed journal of research and discussion dealing with all aspects of urban libraries and librarianship.