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Research Guides

Using Zotero

Creating a quick bibliography

There are a few ways to quickly generate a bibliography in the Zotero application:

  1. Drag items from the Zotero application into a text area. This can be a MS Word file, a Google Doc, or a text editor. The citation style used here is based on the Export settings in Preferences.
  2. Select multiple items in the Zotero application and right-click on them (control-click on a Mac). On the menu that appears, choose "Create Bibliography from Selected Items." right-click menu to create biblography

    Choose your citation style, and choose whether you want Notes or a Bibliography. Then, select "Copy to Clipboard," click OK, and go back to your writing area to paste the citations into your document.

To create a bibliography using your online Zotero library:

  1. Select the items you wish to include and click on the Cite icon on the upper right. Choose your citation style in the pop-up menu that appears, then copy/paste the text into your writing area.

Cite as you write

If you have MS Word on your computer when you install the Zotero desktop application, a MS Word add-in will automatically be installed to connect your Zotero library to your word processor. On a PC and newer versions of Word for Mac, this add-in will create a new menu tab in Word. On some older versions of Word for Mac, the Zotero add-in will be a small toolbar with a black scroll icon.

NOTE: If MS Word is open while you install the Zotero application, you will need to close and re-open MS Word in order to use the add-in.

There is also a LibreOffice add-in available. (Google docs integration is currently under development.)

To verify whether a word processing add-in is installed:

  1. Open the Preferences menu in Zotero and select the Cite tab:

If there is a problem using the MS Word add-in, select Reinstall Microsoft Word Add-in to start anew.

With the Zotero add-in for MS Word, a new tab will appear in the menu ribbon:

menu ribbon in MS Word with new Zotero menu

When you are writing your paper, use the Zotero menu to insert citations instead of the default "Insert footnote" or "Insert Citation" options in MS Word.

A screencast demonstrating how to "write and cite" with Zotero in MS Word is available on YouTube.