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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Access to Libraries Temporarily Restricted

Access to many libraries -- in the NYC area and around the globe -- is being curtailed because of the coronavirus.   The situation is evolving and changing rapidly.  Before planning a visit to another library part of the SHARES or METRO programs, please check with the library first to make sure it is open to visitors or ask us to find out for you. 

One-Day METRO Referral Access

New York City reference librarians, including librarians at the Graduate Center, can issue referrals to visit other NYC libraries to use specific items there.

Identify a book, journal, CD, DVD, database, or other resource at a METRO member library that is not available at CUNY or at NYPL, Queens Public Library, or Brooklyn Public Library.

Request a METRO referral in person at the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor of the GC Library. See the METRO Member Directory.

METRO referrals grant one-time, day-long, on-site use of a specific item verified in a library catalog. Access is limited to the specific item or subject and does not guarantee unlimited access to a library. Consult with your referring librarian to make sure items are available for you when you visit. 


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