NYPL & MaRLI (Manhattan Research Library Initiative)

MaRLI: Manhattan Research Library Initiative

The Manhattan Research Library Initiative (MaRLI) is a borrowing program governed by the New York Public Library, NYU, and Columbia. 

GC doctoral students at the prospectus/dissertation writing stage and CUNY teaching faculty are viable candidates for MaRLI membership. GC Master's students and early term doctoral students are not recognized by NYPL for MaRLI privileges. Master's students and pre-writing stage doctoral students may make application for MaRLI privileges as independent scholars (instead of as GC affiliates). NYPL reviewers will consider MaRLI privileges only for researchers with needs that can be met only by NYU and Columbia libraries and only if necessary materials are not available at NYPL or any other library available to the researcher.

Beginning October 1, 2019, NYPL librarians will determine MaRLI eligibility in an in-person review without an online application for NYPL MaRLI borrowers. Interpretation of eligibility is subject to NYPL discretion. MaRLI privileges may be revoked by participating libraries, according to their terms of library use and particularly in the case of lost or damaged materials.

Enhanced NYPL Borrowing for CUNY Graduate Center Students and Faculty

NYPL extends borrowing of select material for GC affiliates, for pick-up and return at an NYPL research library. Register for NYPL extended borrowing privileges by bringing an NYPL card (apply online or in person at any NYPL location) and a GC ID card to an NYPL research library. With these, NYPL library staff will issue a CUNY-GC sticker for your NYPL library card that signals extended borrowing privileges. 

GC affiliates with extended borrowing privileges may borrow select materials in the Research Catalog (https://www.nypl.org/research) and the ReCAP Shared Collection (https://www.nypl.org/scc) for pick-up and return at an NYPL research library, with 120-day loans, renewable by in-person request. NYPL extended borrowing cards renew every September.

For pick-up and return at the GC, request NYPL books from both NYPL catalogs for 120-day loans through GC interlibrary loan using GC credentials.

Databases and E-Book Collections

Any NYPL barcode allows off-site access to many NYPL research library databases, including e-book and archival collections not available through the GC Library. Use your NYPL barcode to reach NYPL e-resources from the NYPL site (https://libguides.nypl.org/eresources).

Also see the NYPL's online Research Guide Resources for Graduate Students:  Collections for additional information about the NYPL's research centers, collections, databases, and more.  

Eligibility for the MaRLI Program

Any New York Public Library cardholder in good standing at all participating libraries and without any current fines is eligible to apply for the MaRLI program. Applicants must demonstrate a need for research materials not held by the New York Public Library, but that are held by Columbia or NYU libraries.  

New Requirements for MaRLI.  Until the end of September 2019, applicants must first acquire a New York Public Library card, then consult in-person with a librarian at an NYPL Research Library to determine eligibility. Applicants then complete online application for MaRLI membership as directed by the NYPL librarian reviewer. Applications are usually processed within five business days with results e-mailed from marli@nypl.org.

As of October 1, 2019, admission to MaRLI will not be application-based. Instead, an in-person consultation with an NYPL research librarian determines an applicants eligibility to use Columbia and NYU libraries on-site. NYPL reviewers will extend MaRLI privileges only when NYPL resources are determined to be insufficient and all other available resources are exhausted, and when research requires unique materials available only at NYU or Columbia libraries. 

How do I inquire about MaRLI privileges?

  1. Schedule a general research consultation with a librarian at NYPL Research Libraries: https://www.nypl.org/ask-nypl/make-appointment-librarian 
  2. During your consultation, a librarian will determine how NYPL’s collections can support your research and what other options, including but not limited to MaRLI, may be available.
  3. If MaRLI is offered to support your research, you will receive additional information about activating your borrowing privileges at NYU or Columbia.
  4. Members of the MaRLI program will receive renewal details in early September of each year, and will need to opt-in to continue their participation. Doctoral students and faculty will need to show a current student ID at an NYPL research library to renew.

Upon admission to the program, MaRLI participants will need to visit a research Library location to retrieve and to authorize or to update a MaRLI library card. Bring the required identification listed here.  For more information, see the MarLI page at NYPL.org/research.

Limited (One Day) Access via METRO Referral Cards

Request a METRO referral card in person from a librarian at the Reference Desk on the second floor of the GC Library. NYC reference librarians may issue METRO Referral cards for one-time, day-long on-site use of a specific, named item from any metropolitan area library catalog. Material from NYPL, NYU, and Columbia libraries may also be available through GC interlibrary loan.