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Books Beyond the GC

If the Graduate Center does not have the book you need, you can have the book sent here from another library.


The library provides access to many thousands of ebooks, accessible through a variety of databases. Most can be found using OneSearch. Consult our Ebook Collections guide for more information.

Affiliated with Multiple Campuses?

icon of two map pointersAre you affiliated with multiple CUNY campuses? For example, do you study at the GC but work at another campus, or maybe even two other campuses? If so, you are entitled to remote access to library e-resources (e.g., databases, e-journals, e-books) from all of your affiliated campuses. Different CUNY libraries have different e-resources, so check all of your affiliated libraries (via their separate websites) for the e-resources you need!

Quick Tips about GC Ebooks

  • Find most CUNY and Graduate Center eBooks in OneSearch, with links to the full text.
  • Some ebooks are licensed for CUNY-wide use; others are licensed only to invididual CUNY campuses
    • Graduate Center affiliates do not have remote access to ebooks held by other CUNY campuses.
    • If you have a dual affiliation, you can access each campus's electronic collections using the OneSearch interface and credentials for that school.
  • Printing and downloading options will vary according to platform or publisher, and is often prohibited or extremely limited.
  • If there’s an e-book you can’t find, try Interlibrary Loan (ILL):
    • Requests for chapters of books are often sent as electronic files through Interlibrary Loan, whereas whole ebooks are often not available via ILL due to licensing and digital restrictions of library ebooks. Try a request for a chapter or section!