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Share Your Work

You wrote what? How will you put your work out into the world?

CUNY offers a variety of platforms for posting, publishing, or otherwise sharing your work online. Different platforms have different features and purposes—for example, what's best for sharing an article you previously published in a subscription-based journal may not be best for making an educational text you wrote discoverable by other instructors. This page summarizes the different publishing platforms available to you as a member of the CUNY community.


Overwhelmed by the options? All Graduate Center students, faculty, and staff are welcome to contact us for additional information or guidance about platforms, copyright, permissions, etc.:

  • Jill Cirasella, Associate Librarian for Scholarly Communication, is the library's primary point person for questions about scholarly publishing, including questions about CUNY Academic Works, copyright, fair use, publisher contracts, and Creative Commons licenses.
  • Elvis Bakaitis, Head of Reference, is the library's primary point person for questions creating and sharing open educational resources (OER), including questions about Pressbooks, Manifold, and OpenEd CUNY.

CUNY Academic Works

CUNY Academic Works logoCUNY Academic Works collects, preserves, and provides public access to scholarly, creative, and pedagogical works created by members of the CUNY community. A service of the CUNY libraries, Academic Works serves several important purposes:

  • as a primary publication venue for some works (e.g., dissertations, theses, and capstone projects, as well as white papers and conference presentations);
  • as a site to share and showcase works published elsewhere (e.g., scholarly articles, book chapters); 
  • as a place to satisfy grant funders' open access and open data requirements.

The Graduate Center section of Academic Works a great place for Graduate Center students, faculty, and staff to publicly share their work with the world. Learn more about how to add your work to CUNY Academic Works, or create an account to start uploading your work.


Pressbooks is online book production software, with editing functionality based on Wordpress. You can use Pressbooks to publish textbooks, scholarly monographs, syllabi, white papers, and more, in multiple formats including:

  • Designed PDF (for print-on-demand and digital distribution)
  • MOBI (for Kindle ebook readers)
  • EPUB (for all other ebook readers)

Pressbooks allows you to "edit as you go," making updates that are immediately live on the site. The platform is commonly used to create and share Open Educational Resources — typically more substantive texts, such as full length books or resource guides.

Get started by signing up for a CUNY Pressbooks account.


Manifold @CUNY is a digital publishing platform where you can share your own scholarship or educational materials, upload texts that are openly licensed or in the public domain, upload texts for collective annotation with, and more. Another option is to use the Manifold Reading Groups to build your own course reader from materials already available on the CUNY instance of Manifold.

Check out CUNY Student Editions for examples of public domain texts that are "accessibly designed for students" in Manifold. Additional project collections include Libros En Espanol and Teaching and Pedagogy Resources.

Manifold is best used as a display platform for pre-existing or finalized texts. As a creation platform, it lacks the editing functionality of Pressbooks (there is no way to modify a text once uploaded), which can be a barrier for those seeking to make continuous adjustments to their work.

Get started by signing up for a Manifold @CUNY account.


OpenEd CUNY is a hub for sharing Open Educational Resources (OER) created at CUNY. Built as a part of the University's involvement in the New York State OER Scale Up Initiative, the site is used by CUNY's twenty-five campuses to facilitate OER-enabled pedagogy and make the work that faculty, staff, and students are creating more visible and shareable.

If you're interested in getting a sense of OER at CUNY, OpenEd CUNY allows you to search by material type (syllabus, module, full course, game), educational level, media format (audio, video, eBook), as well as subject area.

Get started by signing up for an OpenEd CUNY account.