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The Government Printing Office has been maintaining collections of full text government documents from all branches of government in their GPO Access Collection. They are developing a new system, FDsys, to preserve and make this information available.

The migration of information from GPO Access into FDsys will be complete in 2009. The migration is occurring on a collection-by-collection basis. If you are searching for information other than what is listed below, use GPO Access. Conference Reports are available on both FDsys and GPO Access.

Collections currently available on FDsys are:

+ Budget of the United States Government (Fiscal Year 2010)

+ Compilation of Presidential Documents (1993 to Present)

+ Congressional Bills (103rd Congress to Present)

+ Congressional Calendars (104th Congress to Present)

+ Congressional Committee Prints (105th Congress to Present)

+ Congressional Documents (104th Congress to Present)

+ Congressional Hearings (105th Congress to Present)

+ Congressional Record (1994 to Present)

+ Congressional Reports (104th Congress to Present)

+ Economic Indicators (1995 to Present)

+ Federal Register (1994 to Present)

+ List of CFR Sections Affected (1997 to Present)

+ Public and Private Laws (104th Congress to Pres

Presidency info

Federal Depository Libraries in the NY area

Adelphi University (Garden City)
Depository Coordinator: Victor T. Olivia
Phone: 516-877-3587
Public Service: 516-877-3574
Email: olivia@adelphi.edu

Brooklyn College
Depository Coordinator: Jane Cramer
Phone: 718-951-5332
Public Service: 718-951-5332
Email: janec@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Brooklyn Law School
Depository Coordinator: Rosemary Campagna
Phone: 718-780-7580
Public Service: 718-780-7567
Email: rosemary.campagna@brooklaw.edu

Brooklyn Public Library (Business Library)
Depository Coordinator: Nancy O’Brien
Phone: 718-623-7000 x1234
Public Service: 718-623-7000
Email: n/a

Brooklyn Public Library (Central)
Depository Coordinator: Danny Luce
Phone: 718-230-2081
Public Service: 718-230-2100
Email: d.luce@brooklynpubliclibrary.org

Columbia University (New York)
Depository Coordinator: Jerry W. Breeze
Phone: 212-854-1523
Public Service: 212-854-5087
Email: breeze@columbia.edu

Cooper Union
Depository Coordinator: Carol Salomon
Phone: 212-353-4187
Public Service: 212-353-4186
Email: salamo@cooper.edu

CUNY- Law School (Queens College)
Depository Coordinator: Ricardo Pla
Phone: 718-340-4267
Public Service: 718-340-4240
Email: pla@mail.law.cuny.edu

CUNY-City College of New York
Depository Coordinator: Helena Marvin
Phone: 212-650-5073
Public Service: 212-650-7612
Email: lena.marvin@gmail.com

CUNY-Herbert H. Lehman College (Bronx)
Depository Coordinator: Rebecca Arzola
Phone: 718-960-8831
Public Service: 718-960-8952
Email: rebecca.arzola@lehman.cuny.edu

CUNY-LaGuardia Community College (Long Island City)
Depository Coordinator: Dianne Gordon Conyers
Phone: 718-482-5415
Public Service: 718-482-5422
Email: dconyers@lagcc.cuny.edu

CUNY-Queens College (Flushing)
Depository Coordinator: Evelyn Silverman
Phone: 718-997-3679
Public Service: 718-997-3753
Email: evelyn.silverman@qc.cuny.edu

Dowling College (Oakdale)
Depository Coordinator: Judith Brink-Drescher
Phone: 631-244-3150
Public Service: 631-244-3282
Email: brinkj@dowling.edu

Fordham University (Bronx)
Depository Coordinator: Dr. Thomas Giangreco
Phone: 718-817-3525
Public Service: 718-817-3586
Email: giangreco@fordham.edu

Fordham University, School of Law (New York)
Depository Coordinator: Janice Greer
Phone: 212-636-6915
Public Service: 212-636-6908
Email: jgreer@law.fordham.edu

Hofstra University (Hempstead)
Depository Coordinator: Georgina Martorella
Phone: 516-463-4980
Public Service: 516-463-5972
Email: georgina.d.martorella@hofstra.edu

Hofstra University, Law Library (Hempstead)
Depository Coordinator: Patricia Kasting
Phone: 516-463-5905
Public Service: 516-463-5898
Email: lawpak@hofstra.edu

Long Island University
Depository Coordinator: Robert Battenfield
Phone: 516-299-2165
Public Service: 516-299-2142
Email: robert.battenfield@liu.edu

Mercy College (Yorktown Heights)
Depository Coordinator: Julia Shiao
Phone: 914-245-6100 x2221
Public Service: 914-245-6100 x2218
Email: jshiao@mercy.edu

Mount Vernon Public Library
Depository Coordinator: Jamika Buchanan
Phone: 914-668-1840
Public Service: 916-668-1840 x219 or 220
Email: n/a

New York Law Institute
Depository Coordinator: Ralph Caiazzo
Phone: 212-732-8720
Public Service: 212-732-8720
Email: library@nyli.org

New York Law School
Depository Coordinator: Michael Roffer
Phone: 212-431-2150
Public Service: 212-431-2332
Email: mroffer@nyls.edu

New York Public Library (SIBL)
Depository Coordinator: Peter Bengston
Phone: 212-592-7051
Public Service: 212-592-7000
Email: pbengston@nypl.org

New York University
Depository Coordinator: Gretchen Gano
Phone: 212-998-2662
Public Service: 212-998-2600
Email: gretchen.gano@nyu.edu

New York University, School of Law Library
Depository Coordinator: Jeanne Rehberg
Phone: 212-998-6601
Public Service: 212-998-6600
Email: rehberg@juris.law.nyu.edu

Pace University, Law Library (White Plains)
Depository Coordinator: Gail Whittemore
Phone: 914-422-4357
Public Service: 914-422-4273
Email: gwhittemore@law.pace.edu

Queens Library (Jamaica)
Depository Coordinator: Dacia Metes
Phone: 718-990-0780
Public Service: 718-990-0714
Email: dmetes@queenslibrary.org

Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville)
Depository Coordinator: Janet Alexander
Phone: 914-395-2475
Public Service: 914-395-2474
Email: alexand@mail.slc.edu

St. John’s University (Jamaica)
Depository Coordinator: Anthony Todman
Phone: 718-990-5083
Public Service: 718-990-6727
Email: todmana@stjohns.edu

St. John’s University (Manhattan Campus)
Depository Coordinator: Ismael Rivera-Sierra
Phone: 212-277-5137
Public Service: 212-277-5135
Email: riverasi@stjohns.edu

St. John’s University, Law Library (Jamaica)
Depository Coordinator: Rosemary LaSala
Phone: 718-990-1896
Public Service: 718-990-6651
Email: lasalar@stjohns.edu

Stony Brook University
Depository Coordinator: Elaine Hoffman
Phone: 631-632-1151
Public Service: 631-632-7110
Email: elaine.hoffman@stonybrook.edu

Suffolk Cooperative Library System (East Islip Public Library)
Depository Coordinator: Diane Eidelman
Phone: 631-286-1600 x1335
Public Service: 631-286-1600 x1335
Email: diane@suffolk.lib.ny.us

SUNY-College at Brockport
Depository Coordinator: Lori Lampert
Phone: 585-395-5191
Public Service: 585-395-2760
Email: llampert@brockport.edu

SUNY-College of Technology (Delhi)
Depository Coordinator: Pam Peters
Phone: 607-746-4643
Public Service: 607-746-4635
Email: peterspj@delhi.edu

Depository Coordinator: Jim Macinick
Phone: 631-420-2420
Public Service: 631-420-2184
Email: macinijw@farmingdale.edu

SUNY-Maritime College (Bronx)
Depository Coordinator: Sommer Browning
Phone: 718-409-7232
Public Service: 718-409-7231
Email: sbrowning@sunymaritime.edu

Depository Coordinator: Andrew J. Pelle
Phone: 914-251-6405
Public Service: 914-251-6410
Email: andrew.pelle@purchase.edu

Touro College, Fuchsberg Law Center (Central Islip)
Depository Coordinator: Roy Sturgeon
Phone: 631-761-7156
Public Service: 631-761-7160
Email: rsturgeon@tourolaw.edu

U.S. Military Academy (West Point)
Depository Coordinator: Paul T. Nergelovic
Phone: 845-938-8270
Public Service: 845-938-2230
Email: paul.nergelovic@usma.edu

U.S. Courts Library (Central Islip)
Depository Coordinator: Astrid Stalis
Phone: 631-712-6090
Public Service: 631-712-6090
Email: n/a

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (King’s Point)
Depository Coordinator: Marilyn Stern
Phone: 516-773-5505
Public Service: 516-773-5503
Email: sternm@usmma.edu

Vassar College (Poughkeepsie)
Depository Coordinator: Christine Fitchett
Phone: 845-437-7346
Public Service: 845-437-5766
Email: chfitchett@vassar.edu

Yeshiva University (New York)
Depository Coordinator: Shulamis Landesman
Phone: 212-960-5378
Public Service: 212-960-5378
Email: shulamis.hes@yu.edu

Yeshiva University, Cardozo School of Law, Law Library (New York)
Depository Coordinator: Beth Gordon
Phone: 212-790-0220
Public Service: 212-790-0220
Email: bagordon@yu.edu

Yonkers Public Library (Riverfront Branch)
Depository Coordinator: Norma Humphrey
Phone: 914-337-7966
Public Service: 914-337-1500
Email: n/a

Courtesy of METRO Government Documents Special Interest Group

Quick guide to the Government Documents

Executive Branch materials

White House

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

Online: 1993- present

Executive Agencies Websites

Executive Offices and Departments

Legislative Branch materials

Congressional Bills and Resolutions: Online sources

Lexis Nexis Congressional Coverage (via NYPL)- The 18th Congress (1824)-through the current Congress.

Congressional Record

FDsys- from 1994 to present

Lexis Nexis Congressional Coverage (via NYPL)- From 1824 to the present. Note: Available onsite only at select NYPL locations, including the Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL).

Congressional Hearings 

The online versions of these materials may not be complete, but some access is available via:

FDsys- from 105th congress to present

Lexis Nexis Congressional Coverage (via NYPL)- From 1824 to the present. Note: Available onsite only at select NYPL locations, including the Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL).

Congressional Reports and Documents

GPO Access: 1995 -

Lexis Nexis Congressional Coverage (via NYPL)- From 1824 to the present. Note: Available onsite only at select NYPL locations, including the Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL).

Statutes and Public Laws

Lexis Nexis Congressional Coverage (via NYPL)- From 1824 to the present. Note: Available onsite only at select NYPL locations, including the Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL).

Thomas (Library of Congress) - 1973 - present

United States Code


U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Reports (Decisions of the U.S. Supreme court)

Official Supreme Court site