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GT 500-2370 - Costume
NA 6820-6845 - Theaters
PN 1560-1590 - Performing Arts
PN 1600-1988 - Drama

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Subject headings are important tools for researchers. They make it easier to find related material, by providing standardized terms for searching, and by providing a structure for describing relationships between concepts. The subject headings published by the Library of Congress are used in most libraries in North America, and many around the world. Knowing the LC terms relating to your topic can help you to find material in many library collections. Here are some examples of headings that may be of interest for Theatre researchers.

Subjects: Historical drama -- 20th century -- History and criticism.
 Historical drama -- 20th century.
 Dramatists -- 20th century -- Interviews.
 Drama--bibliography (useful for locating plays in collections and anthologies) 
 Drama--indexes (useful for locating plays in collections and anthologies)
 English drama --Bibliography--Bibliography  
 American drama -- Bibliography

Finding Books Outside of the GC