Research Guides

Finding Data

This is a guide for finding demographic, economic, social, health, and environmental data sets that you can analyze, visualize, and map.



American Factfinder (U.S. Census)    A gateway or portal to several major U.S. Census products: 2000 and 2010 decennial census of population and housing; annual population estimates; 1997 and 2002 Economic Census; American Community Survey. Retrieve summary tables and maps for display and download.

Social Explorer Allows easy creation of maps and charts from demographic data (American Community Survey, Census).

National Survey of Families and Households    Life history data on family composition, marriage, child-rearing, and family interactions. Data and documention downloads are freely available.


New Immigrant Survey    A panel survey of new legal immigrants to the U.S. Public use data can be downloaded from the site but require pre-registration.

GenderStats    Health, education, economic, and demographic indicators from national statistical agencies, UN, and World Bank sources.

Minority Data Resource Center    Maintains and delivers data resources for study of the experiences of members of American racial and ethnic minority groups. Many studies can be explored by using the online analysis feature for selection,extraction, and download. MDRC is one of the ICPSR topical archives.

Kids Count Data Center    Retrieve state and city profiles containing 100 meaures of child wellbeing (for example, poverty, infant motality, family status, household characteristics). A separate Community-Level Information for Kids (CLIKS) data feature compiles a large amount of state- and local-level data to produce community profiles on the educational, economic, and health environments important to the well-being of children.