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Omeka is a great platform for publishing online collections. There are many themes and plugins, similar to Wordpress, that expands Omeka's core functionality. 


Re-labeling item labels

Omeka Install


  1. Once XAMPP is installed:  c:\xampp\htdocs is the home of your content
  2. Download Omeka and unzip.
  3. Place in the c:\xampp\htdocs directory.  Note: you have the option to rename the Omeka directory.
  4. Click on the xampp-control.exe icon in:  C:\xampp
  5. Start Apache & MYSQL
  6. In your browser enter: http://localhost/
  7. Click on phpMyAdmin.
  8. The phpMyAdmin control board will appear.
  9. Click on Databases.
  10. Enter a name for your database (‘omeka’ or use something other than ‘omeka’).
  11. In your:  c:\xampp\htdocs\omeka  directory, with your text editor (windows: notepad/notepad++ Mac: text wrangler). Open:  db.ini  file and edit:
host = “localhost”
username = “root”
password = “”
dbname = “omeka”
prefix = “omeka_”
charset = “utf8”
;port = “”

More details here.