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Digital Tools and Techniques


The Graduate Center Library supports all the ways that your research processes and results may manifest. In addition to helping with retrieval and citing of resources, the library can also help, via a consultation, with a digital project. If the consultation reveals that the project is beyond the library's scope or resources we can point you to other GC community constituents, such as the New Media Lab, the ITP program or Digital Fellows, that can possibly provide more intensive assistance. 

This LibGuide is a beta and we will continually be refining and enhancing it. Please contact the authors if you have any suggestions. 

Please make a consultation appointment with our [digital] librarians if you'd like to chat about your project during any phase of your project.

Note: A great repository to look at is the DiRT Directory.

A good review of tools here.

Disclaimer:  We might not be able to offer expert assistance in all the suggested tools. Furthermore, because of the fluidity of some open source projects, we cannot insure their longevity or link integrity.  

Services Offered & Consultations

  • Website Creation
  • Wordpress
  • Omeka
  • Info Architecture
  • Visualization
  • Text Mining
  • Topic Modeling
  • LaTeX
  • ebook creation
  • Digital Research Tools
  • Digital Preservation Tools
  • Web Preservation
  • Twitterbots
  • Data Services