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Technology in the Library

Microfilm Readers

The library has two models of microfilm readers (ScanPro 2000 and ViewSan):

To get started with either MF machine, press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and log in with your GC credentials or Guest log in.

GC Students/Faculty can Save to their network U drives -or- Print to a Network Printer.  Guests (non GC users) can only save to a Flash Drive (however, the Viewscan scanner has the additional functions of being able to send email or send to your Google Docs account).

Please do not forget to log-off after completing your tasks.

PowerScan 2000 - Instructions and troubleshooting information is available below:

Viewscan - Instructions and troubleshooting information is below:

Viewing a Microcard

If you have an opaque microcard (as opposed to microfilm, which light shines through), you can view and scan it on the ViewScan microfilm scanner (the one closer to Fifth Avenue).  Simply set the switch on the bottom to "Microcard" instead of "Microfilm/Microfiche."