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Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC)

Online Access at ASRC

If you are physically present at ASRC,  when you access a subscription resource (database, journal, etc.) from the GC library website, you should not be prompted to log in with your GC network credentials. The individual databases and providers will recognize the ASRC IP address, and let you right in. You may be prompted to log in with your GC credentials when you are on campus if you are connected to the WiFi instead of a desktop. Be sure to use your GC user name and password and NOT your ASRC credentials. 


Online Access Away from ASRC

You can access library resources (journals, databases, etc.) from anywhere, not just the ASRC and GC. After selecting a resource on the library website, you will be prompted to log in with your GC network username and password.

If you cannot get past the login screen, even if you know you’re entering correct account credentials, you may have been locked out by unsuccessful login attempts. Also, passwords expire every 180 days; you will be reminded to change your password before the expiration date. To unlock your account or reset your password, visit the GC's Password Reset page.

Google Scholar

 Like to use Google Scholar? Bookmark the GC-customized version of Google Scholar. It adds GC library links to articles we have access to, which will vastly improve your Google Scholar experience. When the full text isn't available, the "Find It" links will auto-fill the GC ILL form for you. See ASRC ILL Instructions (above). 

Like to use PubMed? Bookmark the GC-customized version of PubMed. Unlike regular PubMed, it includes “Find It” buttons that direct you to full text via the GC library. When the full text isn’t available, the “Find It” buttons will auto-fill the GC ILL form for you.

Recent ASRC Publications

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