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GC-Customized Google Scholar and PubMed

 Like to use Google Scholar? Bookmark the GC-customized version of Google Scholar. It adds GC library links to articles we have access to, which will vastly improve your Google Scholar experience. When the full text isn't available, the "Find It" links will auto-fill the GC ILL form for you. See ASRC ILL Instructions (above). 

Like to use PubMed? Bookmark the GC-customized version of PubMed. Unlike regular PubMed, it includes “Find It” buttons that direct you to full text via the GC library. When the full text isn’t available, the “Find It” buttons will auto-fill the GC ILL form for you.

All Graduate Center Databases

The databases you see on this page are just a small subset of all of the databases (collections of resources) available to you through the Graduate Center Library. See the full A-Z list to see all databases from every discipline.

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Search by journal title to check availability through our subscriptions and databases according to date.

Place an Interlibrary Loan request if you need access beyond what is immediately available.

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