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Why don’t I see my dissertation in Academic Works?

If you graduated before 2014, your dissertation or capstone project is only available to readers with a current CUNY affiliation (i.e. current students, faculty or staff).

Free your dissertationYou can broaden access to your dissertation by authorizing its transfer to CUNY's Academic Works, a publicly accessible repository. The Academic Works dashboard helps you track your new readership by providing data about the times and places a work is downloaded.

Depositing your dissertation in this institutional repository positions your intellectual contribution in global conversation, in keeping with CUNY's mission to serve the larger public. 

All GC dissertations and capstones have been digitized and are ready to be added to Academic Works at the author's request. Pre-2014 master's theses have not yet been digitized and are available only in print.

If you want to make your dissertation or capstone freely accessible to the public, email the GC Dissertation Office at