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More and more scholarly research is being published as open access, which is just what it sounds like—materials made available for students, faculty, and learners of all kinds, all over the world. Even some for-profit publishers are releasing a limited amount of their content as open access.

Open Educational Resources is a term coined by UNESCO in 2003, and designed to lower educational costs for students - mostly for textbooks, ancillary course materials, syllabi, and more. You can learn a bit more about OER - and how to find them! - in our research guide.

The Graduate Center, and the Mina Rees Library in particular, supports several programs that are engaged in the development of Open Educational Resources (OER) for the GC and beyond. The library offers an Open Knowledge Fellowship to help teaching doctoral students at the GC find, create, and develop OER resources and incorporate them into their classes. As part of the program, Fellows write reflections on their experiences and insights for the library blog

For a full discussion of OER and open access, see the OER and Open Access research guides.

This list contains some, but by no means all, of the places to find Open Educational Resources and Open Access scholarship:

OER Textbooks:

General texts:

Scholarly texts: