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What are Open Resources?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are "free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes.” They are part of a wider movement to provide alternatives to the restrictions of traditional publishing models.

Open Resources is a term that can also include Open Access journals/publishing, Open Data, and refer to Open Pedagogy. There are meaningful distinctions between these terms, but the word "open" is simply meant to indicate that the materials are free of use, and released with an open license for shareable use. In short, all of the resources listed on this page are 100% free - and you can share them widely.

Feel free to reach out! For more information, check out our Research Guide on OER, here. If you have questions about this, please feel free to set up a consultation to discuss further. We're happy to talk more about your OER interests and needs, whether for teaching, learning, or creating new scholarship.

OER in Women & Gender Studies

Introduction to Women & Gender Studies - "This textbook introduces key feminist concepts and analytical frameworks used in the interdisciplinary Women, Gender, Sexualities field," created by UMass Amherst. 

Global Women's Issues: Women in the World Today, extended version - A text in the public domain, created by Bureau of International Information Programs, United States Department of State. 

Gender in Science & Technology - Available through JSTOR Open Access. 

Gender Equality in Context, with a focus on Switzerland. 

Uproarious - How Feminists and Other Subversive Comics Speak Truth


OER in LGBTQ Studies

LGBTQ Studies - An introductory textbook from SUNY (2020). 

Transgender Identities - A compilation of articles on the topic (2010). 

Queering Translation, Translating the Queer - (2018) Seeking "to demonstrate the interconnectedness between translation and queer aspects of sex, gender, and identity." 

Queer Feminist Punk - (2015) "This history makes use of anti-social theory to take a broad and multifaceted look at queer-feminist punk—from its origins in the 1980s to its contemporary influences on the Occupy movement and Pussy Riot activism." 

Queer in Africa (2018) 

Queer Roma (2022) - Formerly a doctoral thesis, this book attempts to "illustrate how the identities of queer Roma are shaped by anti-gypsyism and its intersections with homophobia and transphobia." 

Lesbians on Television - A pop culture appraisal, with United States content in mind. 

Open Access Journals