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HM - Sociology(General)

HQ1-2044 The Family. Marriage. Women
HQ19-30.7 Sexual behavior and attitudes. Sexuality
HQ503-1064 The family. Marriage. Home
HQ755.7-759.92 Parents. Parenthood; including parent and child, husbands, fathers, wives, mothers
HQ760-767.7 Family size
HQ767.8-792.2 Children. Child development; Including child rearing, child life, play, socialization, children's rights
HQ793-799.2 Youth. Adolescents. Teenagers
HQ799.5-799.9 Young men and women
HQ799.95-799.97 Adulthood
HQ800-800.4 Single people
HQ801-801.83 Man-woman relationships. Courtship. Dating
HQ811-960.7 Divorce
HQ998-999 Illegitimacy. Unmarried mothers
HQ1060-1064 Aged. Gerontology (Social aspects). Retirement
HQ1073-1073.5 Thanatology. Death. Dying
HQ1075-1075.5 Sex role

HT601-1445 Classes
HT1501-1595 Races; Including race as a social group and race relations in general

HV1-9960 Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology
HV40-69 Social service. Social work. Charity organization and practice; Including social case work, private and public relief, institutional care, rural social work, work relief
HV697-4959 Protection, assistance and relief
HV697-700.7 Families. Mothers. Widow's pensions
HV1442-1448 Women
HV1449 Gay men. Lesbians
HV1450-1494 Aged
HV1551-3024 People with disabilities Including blind, deaf, people with physical and mental disabilities

HV4005-4013 Immigrants
HV4023-4470.7 Poor in cities. Slums
HV4480-4630 Mendicancy. Vagabondism. Tramps. Homelessness
HV5800-5840 Drug habits. Drug abuse
HV6001-7220.5 Criminology
HV6035-6197 Criminal anthropology Including criminal types, criminal psychology, prison psychology, causes of crime
HV9051-9230.7 The juvenile offender. Juvenile delinquency. Reform schools, etc.
HV9261-9430.7 Reformation and reclamation of adult prisoners

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