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Archival Research

Audio / Visual Sources

Non-text sources can add dimension and nuance to your research. 

Follow the links on this page to find films, videos, newsreels, radio broadcasts, speeches, interviews, music, and other a/v materials in subscription databases and on the open web.

Finding A/V Materials

Catalogs & Databases


Research Guides

Notable A/V Collections

The following are among the largest collections of audio and visual materials and are excellent starting places for research.

Moving Images: Film, Video, and TV Resources

Following are selected sources for exploring the vast trove of moving image resources available online on open access sites and in library subscription databases.  See our Film Studies research guide for additional resources.


Listen to recordings from some of the major collections of recorded music from the links below.  See our Music research guide for additional resources.

News Broadcast Transcripts

Transcripts of news programs can be found in several places, including:

NexisUni – Log in with your GC network credentials and search by keyword in All Fields.  Then, scroll down and select news transcripts from the "publication type" filter option.  From there, you can either select particular sources or search All News Transcripts to find appearances of your search term among the results.  

Factiva – Visit The New York Public Library's Thomas Yoseloff Business Center at the former Mid-Manhattan Library at 40th Street & Fifth Avenue to use this database, which is another excellent source for finding transcripts of TV news broadcasts from a wide range of sources.  

National Public Radio – Search NPR broadcasts directly, no login required, on their website:


Explore rich, varied, and deep collections of radio broadcasts for a fresh angle on historical research.  From the links here listen to news programming; live music; public radio shows; radio plays; alternative news broadcasts; BBC Radio dramas, documentaries, adapted novels; the hip-hop radio archive; shortwave radio programs; community radio; and more.  Also delve into scholarship around radio, read scripts, explore archives, and listen to installments of the Radio Survivor podcast that focus on radio stations, radio archives, and other aspects of the medium.

Spoken Word

Following are selected open access and subscription resources for exploring spoken word collections in all their variety.


A few selected library databases for researching theatre online.  See our Theatre & Performance research guide for additional resources.