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Zine Pedagogy

Zines may not have a role in traditional pedagogy, but they are increasingly being integrated into the classroom. Below are some resources and reflections by educators.

Zines are the Embodiment of Open? - Short piece on, asserting that zines intersect meaningfully with openly-licensed educational resources (OER).

Zines about Teaching

Developing a Socially Conscious Pedagogy - Sakina Laksimi-Morrow curated this zine with the intent of bringing together creative assignments by Graduate Center students teaching across CUNY. 

Syllabus Zine - Created by CUNY Professor Carmen Kynard, this zine/syllabus was used in the class "Intersectionality and Activist Research in the Movement for Black Lives," taught in Spring 2018 as part of the Urban Education Department at John Jay College for Criminal Justice. (To view: click the above link and scroll down). 

Teaching with Zines - Dawn Stahura, librarian at Simmons College, includes feedback from students and faculty in this short zine.

Teaching with Zines: Advice and Ideas about Using Zines in the Classroom from your Favorite Neighborhood Librarians - This short zine was collectively authored by Kathleen Aragon, Deanie Adams, Jolie Braun, Emma Fernhout, Juli Huddleston, Kelly McElroy, Sarah G. Wenzel, and Kelly Wooten. It includes sections about "Creating Meaningful Activities," "Different Kinds of Learners," and "Assessment."



"When Zine-making in the Classroom Goes Very Wrong" - An article by Daniela Capistrano, founder of the POC Zine Project, about the complexities and challenges of introducing zines into a traditional classroom (Note: Capistrano's section begins in the middle of the page.)

Using Zines in the Classroom - In a blog post for the HASTAC Pedagogy Project, Jason Luther describes his experience integrating zines into two college-level courses. 

Zines in the Classroom: Critical Librarianship and Participatory Collections - This chapter of the Critical Library Pedagogy Handbook, by Alycia Sellie and Robin Potter, describes the authors' experience integrating zines into library instruction at Brooklyn College. 

Compositional Craft: Zine Workshops as Pop-Up Makerspaces - Melissa Rogers writes about zine workshops as a low-budget alternative to the makerspace, and zines as a mode of "queer feminist cultural production."