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Zines as Creative Resistance

The Graduate Center Library is not currently home to a zine collection - however, it has been a site of zine-related activity. Most notably, the yearlong exhibit "Zines as Creative Resistance" (Fall 2017-June 2018) showcased a selection of over fifty zines from across the United States and Canada. Featured works included Gaylord Phoenix by Edie Fake, Adventures in Menstruating by Chella Quint, Letters from the War Years by Bianca Ortíz, and many other titles. 

As part of the exhibition programming, a panel discussion was held in the Segal Theater, featuring Erica Cardwell (zine educator), Devin Morris (3 Dot Zine), and Jenna Freedman (Barnard College). Workshops were held in the Graduate Center Library to explore the relationship between zines and scholarly research. 

Additional zine activity is underway at the Graduate Center: as part of her fellowship with the Teaching and Learning Center, Sakina Laksimi-Morrow curated the zine Developing a Socially Conscious Pedagogy. The intention of the zine was to bring together teaching assignments from graduate students who teach across CUNY.  

The Center for Humanities also hosts the annual NYC/CUNY Chapbook Festival, which focuses on poetry chapbooks but includes zines and other handmade, printed objects.