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Open Educational Resources

Creating OER

Below are resources relating to the creation of OER. Whether you're adapting an open textbook or developing a new resource, you'll want to find open content (images, videos, text)  that is available for use.

OER Creation and Adaptation

A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students (2017) - Designed to offer guidance for those interested in involving students in the process of open textbook creation and modification. 

Guide to Developing Open Textbooks (2016) -  Developed "to assist teachers and educational technology administrators to build, manage and maintain an open textbook platform."

Open Pedagogy Notebook - A site created by Robin DeRosa and Rajiv Jhangiani, to facilitate online conversations between educators.

6 Steps to Adapting an Open Textbook - A post that clarifies some issues in adapting an OER textbook.

Localization - A module designed to expolre this aspect of OER, "the process of taking educational resources developed for one context and adapting them for other contexts."

Opening the Textbook: Open Education Resources in U.S. Higher Education - A 2017 Survey Report conducted by Babson Research Group, on the state of OER in the United States.


Open Attribution Builder - This tool is designed to quickly create attributions, so that you can properly credit the work.  

Finding Open Content/Media

Find OER: Open Professionals Educaton Network - An overview of where to find many types of open content (video, audio, etc).


Flickr - Creative Commons

Wikimedia Commons 

Pixnio - Public domain images (Note: test) 

NYPL Public Domain Images


Vimeo - Creative Commons filter