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OER and Accessibility

Many open resources are being created using digital tools, or compiled onto websites. Checking for accessibility helps to open the resource to the most users. Be sure to take a look at the comprehensive Accessibility at CUNY guide, "created to assist CUNY librarians, staff and faculty with their creation of accessible open educational resources." 


Open Accessibility Toolkit - From the University of British Columbia, this helpful guide reviews best practices in working with video, audio, and other specific topics. The guide is also available in an Ebook format

Floe Inclusive Learning Design Handbook - Guidelines for accessibility, with an eye to those creating OER. 

Reading Ease and Accessibility - This short guide from the OpenLab at the New York City College of Technology provides guidance about writing for the web. 



WAVE - The Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool helps determine accessibility issues and how to resolve them. 

Create and Verify PDF Accessibility - Using Adobe Pro, the guide shows how to convert a PDF document into an accessible version. 

Create Accessible PDFs - From Microsoft, a guide on how to ensure PDF accessibility. 

CADET - Caption Description and Editing Tool