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About this Guide

Use this guide to find national and international, current and historical, alternative and mainstream newspapers, journals, and magazines. 

Linked resources include Graduate Center Library and New York Public Library databases, microfilm collections at the NYPL and the Center for Research Libraries, and digital collections from major research libraries and other reliable sources.  

Also included are links to helpful research guides from the New-York Historical Society Library, New York Public Library, and Library of Congress.

Newspaper Research Guides

Looking for a Specific Newspaper or Journal?

Researching Periodicals

See the Researching Periodicals tab in this guide for suggested sources for background information on newspapers, magazines, and the alternative press.  You'll also find Library of Congress Subject Headings to help streamline catalog searches, Indexes, and Lists of newspapers in New York City. 

Getting Help

There are many ways to get help from a librarian — choose the method that best suits your needs: