Access & Borrowing

Don't Forget your ID!

Proper identification is required for access.  Always present to security staff:

  1. CUNY Photo ID (student, faculty, staff, or retiree)

    Note: Student, faculty, and staff ID cards must have a current validation sticker or activated library barcode/number. (Some campuses issue cards with barcodes; some just use library numbers.) If you have a current validation sticker, you will only need to show your card to the officer at the library entrance. If you do not have a current validation sticker (some campuses do not issue these stickers), the officer will check your library barcode/number to see if it is active.
  2. Graduate Center Alumni Photo ID or CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies Alumni ID
    Other CUNY alumni cards do not grant access to the GC Library.

  3. Empire State College Photo ID
  4. A government-issued photo ID plus a card for one of the following:
    • Graduate Center Research Assistant
    • Friends of the Graduate Center
    • Library Associates
    • Language Reading Program
    • METRO Referral
  5. Visitors must be accompanied by someone with a Graduate Center or School of Labor and Urban Studies Photo ID (maximum 3 visitors per GC or SLU ID)
  6. Graduate Center Photo ID required for:
    • Visiting Scholars
    • GC Research Assistants unaffiliated with the GC
    • Writer’s Program
    • Interuniversity Doctoral Consortium Columbia, Fordham, New School, NYU, Princeton, Rutgers, SUNY Stony Brook