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CLICS: Request Books From Other CUNY Libraries

You can have books from other CUNY libraries sent to the Graduate Center. From the library catalog, click the 'Request' link. CLICS can only be used for books. If you need photocopies of an article or book chapter submit an interlibrary loan request.

Watch a CLICS demo on YouTube!

Have questions? Check out the CLICS FAQ page.

CLICS Request Step by Step

Make a Request

1. Enter your Barcode and Password in the login screen. (Both are your CUNY library barcode number, until you change the password.)

2. Select your pick-up location from the drop-down menu

3. Click Go to finish. You will see a confirmation message.
4. You will receive an email when your book is available for pick-up.

CLICS vs. Interlibrary Loan

When should you use CLICS and when should you use Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Use CLICS for:

  • Books that are available at other CUNY libraries

Use ILL for:

  • Any book, including books owned by other CUNY libraries
  • Journal articles not available at the Graduate Center Library
  • A/V materials such as DVDs and CDs
  • Book chapters

For more information about interlibary loan or to make an ILL request, visit the ILL Login page.