Access & Borrowing

Current Graduate Center Students

Current Graduate Center students will receive a validation sticker (with a letter from Executive Officers to the Office of Security and Public Safety) for full library privileges including:

  • on-site access to any CUNY library
  • remote access to e-resources
  • borrowing privileges from any CUNY library except the CUNY Law School
  • interlibrary loan

Leave of Absence?

Students on leave must obtain a letter from a program Executive Officer to the Office of Security and Public Safety (room 9123) for a temporary CUNY GC photo ID to reinstate or continue library privileges including library access, borrowing, Grad Center network accounts, and off-site use of licensed resources. The Executive Officer must provide an expiration date within the current academic term.

Students arriving before registration may obtain a temporary GC photo ID with a letter from a Graduate Center Department EO on Graduate Center letterhead delivered to the Office of Security and Public Safety (x7777, room 9123) for a temporary GC photo ID.

Research Assistants

Graduate Center Faculty Research Assistants borrow materials from the GC library on a sponsoring GC faculty member’s library account. GC faculty, administrators, and HEOs may sponsor up to 2 research assistants. Obtain application Faculty Authorization Form at the 1st floor circulation desk. A paper Library Research Assistant card is issued by library circulation staff. A photo ID is also required for admittance. The sponsoring faculty member is responsible for all loans, fines, and fees. Library Research Assistants may be non-CUNY affiliates.  Interlibrary loan privileges are extended; but no off-site access to licensed resources is offered. Graduate Center Executive Officers may request research assistants be extended short term access to the GC network and library resources by emailing IT Services at and specifying the assistant’s need for GC network credentials, the assistant’s faculty supervisor, and the dates of affiliation, not to exceed 3 months.

Language Reading Program Students

CUNY Graduate Center Language Reading Program and Summer Reading Program students obtain either a GC photo ID authorized by the program director, or a program ID from the program director for access privileges to the CUNY Graduate Center library only. The card must be presented to security staff with a government photo ID. No GC borrowing privileges or network accounts for off-campus access to licensed resources and no interlibrary loan privileges accompany the program ID card; only the director-authorized GC photo ID will be honored for borrowing privileges from the GC library only.

Special Program, Interuniversity Doctoral Consortium, Auditors, and Non-matriculated Students

Library Access: The Interuniversity Doctoral Consortium allows doctoral students (not faculty or master’s students) from Columbia, NYU, Fordham, Rutgers, Princeton, and SUNY Stonybrook taking one or more courses at the Graduate Center to apply for a GC photo ID for library admission. Similarly, doctoral students from Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture enrolled in at least one course at the CUNY Graduate Center may apply for a GC photo ID for library admission (see p. 19 of the GC Bulletin).

Network Accounts: Special program students, Interuniversity Doctoral Consortium students, auditors, and non-matriculated students enrolled in one or more GC classes (not continuing ed) are eligible for GC computer network accounts for remote access to library resources. After completing registration for a GC course, contact IT Services at

Off-Campus Access Problems?

Log in to GC databases with GC network credentials. Problems? 

1. Use the password reset tool or contact GC IT Services

2. Use the smaller set of CUNY-wide databases, accessible with your CUNY library barcode. 


Guests (up to 3) with valid photo ID accompanying Graduate Center students, faculty, staff with current ID may be admitted to the library at the discretion of GC security staff. All guests must sign in at the lobby security desk and provide appropriate ID for weekend library access. Children must be accompanied by an adult with current ID.