Alumni Library Resources

Welcome Back, Graduate Center Alumni!

Welcome back

After graduation, off-site access to a limited set of online resources continues ...

  1. Complete the Alumni Registration Form

  2. The Alumni Affairs Office will reply with a username and password (this may take a few days)
  3. To log in, click on the database title 


Databases for Alumni (Accessible from Anywhere!)

Visit the GC Library

Visiting the libraryGraduate Center alumni have on-campus access to nearly all GC Library's databases, journals and ebooks. Licensing restrictions imposed by vendors, exclude alumni from offsite access to most GC Library resources. 

  • A GC alumni ID from the Office of Security and Public Safety room 9123 (212-817-7777) is required for entry.
  • A barcode on your alumni ID is required to borrow GC books.
  • See alumni library privileges chart for loan and renewal information
  • Borrowing outside the GC are not available to alumni.
  • Obtain a guest login to the GC network at Circulation or Reference to use library computers and to reach the all library's resources. See Technology in the Library.

Not a GC alum?

Support the Library

Purchase through the Mina Rees Library's “Virtual Bookstore” on

Purchase anything through this link to contribute 5% to the library. It costs you nothing and adds thousands to the library budget.