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Database Access Issues: Why isn't my GC Alumni password working?

As a GC alum, you have off-campus access to a selection of our research databases. Look for the GC Alum icon (below) next to the database name - if you see this icon, it means you have remote access to that database using your GC Alumni password! To log in, just click the title of the database and enter your alumni credentials.

  • GCALUM Alumni Resources: off-campus access available to GC Alumni

You may also access Open Access resources that are listed on the Graduate Center's A-Z Database List

  •  Open Access Resources: available to all


If you aren't sure about your status, or if you forgot your alumni credentials, contact


If you are not in the GC Library and you see any of the following icons next to the database you are trying to access, please return to the Databases for Alumni list to see the list of resources available to alumni from off-campus.

GC Alumni passwords won't work for database links with these icons:
On-Campus Use Only
  (CUNY)   (GC)   (NYPL)

Some CUNY-wide electronic resources ask you for a "CUNY library barcode" in order to login. The GC alumni library barcode will not work for these resources.

Select databases (like JSTOR) give you the option to “login” after you have used your GC Alumni credentials. These databases allow you to create a personal account which gives you the ability to save searches, create alerts, and use other special features. Creating a personal account is completely optional--you can still access full text and download content without a personal account.